There has been a brass band in Loddon since 1907. The original band met in a small band room near the Fox and Hounds pub in Loddon. This was reportedly an eclectic group of individuals with many characters in it. The band folded in the mid fifties and gave the instruments to the then brand new Loddon Secondary Modern School. In the Sixties Ron Hinton, a science teacher at the school, found some of these instruments under the school stage and, wanting to show how sound waves work, he dusted them off and got them out. Ron was taken by these instruments and took up playing one himself and was then asked by the headmaster to learn more in order to teach the students and form a band. This was the beginning of the re-birth of the Loddon Band. The band then went on to contest with success as a youth band and as the players became adults the band became a senior band once more. Ron’s pupils were spread far and wide with students playing in the top bands in the area and some moving on to study music at university level (even appearing in Lovejoy!) and now teach brass to younger students thus continuing the work founded by Ron. During the early life of the new band Kevin Heggarty conducted while Ron played and taught. Ron then took over the baton and conducted the band for over thirty years, later passing the baton on to Simon Linger who conducted the band throughout the 1990s during which time the band contested successfully and purchased a new uniform. Eventually work commitments meant that Simon had to resign his post as musical director. The band then entered a period of decline as members had children, moved away or their lives just became too busy, but a faithful few remained. In 2003 Joseph Knight, a former pupil of Ron’s, contacted Ron about the possibility of reviving the band as he had received interest from people about playing in a band. Ron agreed and contacted old members to see if they were interested in playing again. One November evening in 2003 eleven people sat down to play and the band slowly started to build again. We are now looking forwards to a bright future with our playing membership increasing and improving. More challenging projects have been undertaken including contesting for the first time in many years and the recording and releasing of our first C.D. Glory and we are now thinking about recording our second. Simon remains as treasurer and we have even been visited recently by Kevin so all is looking well. If you would like to play, or you are an ex member please do not hesitate to get in contact via email, or telephone, or just turn up to a practice at The Hollies in Loddon at 8.00 pm on Thursdays. All are welcome.