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The Band website would not be complete without a page dedicated to Ron Hinton, or Wing Commander Ron Hinton as he really should be known. Ron never talked a lot about his role as a pilot during the second world war or his time in the RAF in peace time. Ron was loved, respected, admired and esteemed by everyone that met him, from those who he taught to play and developed into the Youth Band at Hobart High School in Loddon where Ron taught to those who joined the band later and very much valued his support and humour. Ron and his dear wife Joy did so much to promote music for more than one generation and key members of the band in these times are Ron’s former pupils into whom he instilled and love of brass band music. He was a rare talent with such a good ear and the ability to bring people to play together and achieve high standards. The Photo on the left has just been found and is timely so as show Ron with the baton and the Youth Band which won lots of contests in its heyday. The other photo is from the article published in the Beccles and Bungay Journal on the celebration of Ron’s life at a memorial concert held in Holy Trinity Church Loddon. More photos and recordings can be found on the memorials and tributes page. (link on the left) ‘Magnificent men in their flying machines’ is a well known film. Ron was a magnificent man in a flying machine but above all just a magnificent man, to whom many owe of great deal for his contribution to their lives Thank you RON