If you would like to arrange for the band to play a concert, a fete, or another function whether as a full band or a small group please contact the secretary Mike Cadman on 07885282465 or mcjpbds@btinternet. com
September 2022
Musical Director
Simon Linger
Assistant Musical Director
Esther Knight
Principal Cornet
Diana Frost
Sorprano Cornet
David Collins
First Cornet
Rachel Knight, Anna Knight, Loius Bloice, James Cook, Will Card
Second ‘/Third Cornet
Steve Pank Maria Durdan
Repriano Cornet
Andrew Baker
Flugel Horn
Mo Greenway
Solo Eb Horn
Kath Ricketts
First Eb Horn
Sally Walding
Second Eb Horn
Phil Spencer
First Baritone
Sue Cadman
Second Baritone
Len Ricketts,
First Trombone
Esther Knight
Second Trombone
Lloyd Woolner. Sonia Cutler
Bass Trombone
Gary Cook
Richard Ball, Ian Harris
Eb Bass
Mike Cadman , Frankie Ayres
Bb Bass
Russell Grange, Chris Engelson
Dave Foulger
Angie Knight